About Us

We are growth investors focused on North American middle market companies, primarily investing in healthcare, business services, and real estate opportunities.

We take a long-term approach to value investing, focusing on macro-economic trends that support long-term, sustainable value-creation for our investors, managers, deal teams, and for the employees of the portfolio companies we acquire.


The Vega Ventures team is a unique combination of successful investment professionals, entrepreneurs and business operators. Together we have developed a disciplined investment process drawing upon our collective experience and time-tested investment judgement. We leverage our extensive network of current and former portfolio company executives, board members, and investment partners to augment our unique sourcing model and to serve as a valuable resource for our portfolio companies.

  Value Creation

Our value-creation mindset permeates how we evaluate opportunities and dictates how we manage portfolio investments. Our investment success is based on the disciplined application of our established value-creation methodology. With patience, expertise, and strategic allocation of resources, we guide our portfolio companies to identify and develop the value-creation opportunities of tomorrow.


Vega Ventures is committed to partnering with and aligning incentives between our investors, managers, and deal teams in order to produce long-term, sustainable value. We collaborate with our business managers to identify key value-creation opportunities and then ensure that our portfolio companies are provided the resources necessary to aggressively pursue these opportunities.


Vega Ventures focuses on sectors and business models where we maintain extensive domain expertise and investment experience. We maintain a fact-based, data-driven approach to decision making that includes a rigorous risk and reward assessment, and which also supports strict portfolio and risk management.

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