What is VEGA?

Vega is the once and future North Star.

The future belongs to Vega!

             Vega's story

For ages, navigators and explorers have depended upon the stars for guidance. As the only fixed point in the night sky, Polaris has served throughout history as a navigational beacon illuminating the way forward through unfamiliarity, while providing safe passage amidst uncertainty. However, due to the slow wobble of the Earth's axis, true North gradually shifts its aim between two different stars over a 26,000-year cycle. That cycle is currently transitioning back to the once and future North Star...Vega!

Easily spotted without the assistance of a telescope, Vega is recognized by her brilliant blue-white color. As the third brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, Vega is one of the most easily recognized and thoroughly studied stars in the night sky. Her brilliance and beauty has been recorded in mythology across the globe, instilling encouragement and hope for generations of stargazers before us.

Contrasting with the vast darkness of space, Vega shines as a dazzling beacon, acting as a checkpoint for storytellers, stargazers, explorers and adventurers. As the Earth's axis continues to wobble, future generations will look to Vega, not Polaris, for guidance and direction. Vega will serve as the source of consistency in the night sky, providing the guidance by which future explorers will seek opportunity and safety. 

The future belongs to Vega!

It is with this same anticipation of the events and opportunities of the future that Vega Ventures was conceived. Our forward-thinking approach to investment and value-creation permeates our decision-making, shapes our strategy, hones our focus, and directs our efforts. By taking this forward-thinking approach, we are better positioned to recognize and seize tomorrow's opportunities today.

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